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Hobby Hooker

by WetCat

He had answered her ad, they had a date in a café.

She was looking for a well-to-do but servile gentleman who occasionally would like to spend a few nice hours with her - without any commitments. He should support her financially. She had got more than 80 replies and she had selected carefully. After a lot of phonecalls there were only 3 eligible men left. He was the first one she had a date with.

Thomas he was called was damned good looking well-groomed 1,80 m tall well-built wearing an tailor-made suit and noble shoes - he actually was smelling of money and style. His hands were beautiful he was tanned his eyes were steel blue his dark hair showing gray temples already. She was estimating his age to be around 45 years - she was 23 - he could have been her father - what a nice idea for a role playing game.

They had a lively conversation but not about the ad. Thomas was witty, charming, intelligent - she was enraptured. Carefully she was steering their conversation around his preferences. He blocked it - they were talking about everyday things again.

Three hours had passed when she was feeling her belly tingling - she wanted more of him. Her bladder was full and hurting so she apologized herself - now she would empty it and take this occasion to masturbate - that horny she was already. She would have loved him to simply take her - but there was this kind of distance he had built between them.

On the way to the washroom she felt a strong arm holding her back. "It's too good for that!" he just said and dragged her along with him leaving the café.

They went to a nearby underground garage. He did not say a word - she kept her otherwise cheeky mouth shut not wanting to destroy this peculiar mood. He went down the stairs with her, her bladder was really hurting already. They passed by rows of parking cars. At last a dark green Jaguar. Gallantly he opened the door for her waiting for her to adjust herself. He then closed the door, walked around to the other side of the car and got in.

She looked at him - where would they go now to, how long would they ride, hopefully she would not piss these beautiful light-brown leather seats. Still they did not talk to each other. She was feeling the tension and a crackling eroticism as not for a long time before.

His jacket had got out of place giving her a free view onto his crotch - this was tremendously baggy. Involuntary she touched her pussy - she was wearing a short white summer skirt her long tanned legs standing out from. The high-heeled court shoes and the string tanga were red in contrast as was the blouse underneath she had no bra. She felt hot moisture rising, she felt like bursting.

He was driving in direction to Baden. Damned! The highway was jammed as always at this time. She was beginning to sweat with pain from her bladder. But she noticed he intending this state of her - she was feeling the magic of this moment - feeling as she got hornier .

He watched her being that helpless seeing that she could not hold it back any more. He stoped on the breakdown lane and got out of the car. What should she do now she asked herself. He opened up the car's boot and took a bag out. Then he got into the car again.

The bag he placed in front of her feet - then drove on again. "Have a look into!" was his short command to her.

Uppermost there was an envelope with "For you!" written on it. She took it, gave it into her purse without opening it. Underneath there was a plastic awning. She took this to cover the cars seat very carefully - every single movement was hurting and could have made her just letting it flow out. Then she took another two towels from the bag and placed them under her ass.

She opened the zipper of her skirt then took it off and trow it onto the backseat. The bag was not empty yet so she took out a long champagne glas, a thick black vibrator, a black chain, a black candle, handcuffs and ropes and some clothespins.

Meanwhile he had left the highway and it did not take long to find a small country lane where they stopped. He took off his jacket and his shirt then his trousers just leaving on his boxershorts where his pretty hard prick was jutting out from.

"Do me as you like to - but only here inside my car - we are both captured here." he said.

She took the cuffs and bound him to the steering wheel then his feet using the ropes. She had moved a bit tto much since she already lost some drops.

Quickly she took the champagne glas and tried to piss into it. This was not that easy having such a heavy preasure on her bladder. She could not hold back and was squirting out onto the cars dashboard made of root wood. The glas was half filled now and she got back control over her bladder. She looked at him, his prick was showing the first pleasure drops on his tip.

She took the glas to his mouth - he drank. Then she filled up the glas again with her very personal champagne. Getting that horny on this let her squirt around again. This was such a pleasure - she emptied the glas into his mouth. The she sqatted onto the seat giving her clit a massage till she came to climax. After that she took her seat on his lap. Slowly she inserted his prick into her pussy and fucked herself. Again and again she pissed him. She did not care about him and that there was no awning on his seat. No mercy for him she was hot now he was defenseless and had to submit.

Thomas moaned and sqirmed around, she felt how close was to cum and again lift up from his cock - no release for him. She was squatting over him again put the glas to her burning cunt to pee in. Some of her juices were missing the glas and ran down on to his cock and his knees. He had to empty the glas - she took some of the clothespins and jammed them on to his nipples, his ears. The skin around his neck she pusehed together and jammed another two there. The she took a match to light the candle and started to drip hot wax onto his naked body. He cried out loudly - she even got hotter. That randy she was to fill up the glas again. He drank it again gave him a ride.

She was cumming loudly wriggling her body on his still holding the candle already burned out. She felt how close he was and slipped away from his clutch to jerk his cock from her seat. She pissed out again and made her hands wet to better rubbing his dick. He cried out and squirted off fountains of sperm onto the car's windshield.

It was a feast for her eyes. She took some of his cum from the shield and made him lick her fingers clean. Then he got another glas of her very special champagne.

When she plugged in the vibrator and fucked herself his eyes were staring onto her. When she came his prick was hard again. She opened his shackles the cuffs and the ropes and told him to get out of the car. He had to knee down in front of her like a dog and she let two fingers slip into his asshole. The vibrator was still wett and slippery so she took it to replace her fingers. She fucked his asshole harder and deeper till his cock was squirting all of his cum onto the ground without even being touched.

Finally she got licked clean by him from top to toe. They both jumped into their clothes and drove home.